Our Services

Diagnose, Evaluate, & Assess

CSD is a behaviorally based company that incorporates a variety of appropriate evidence-based methodological approaches based on the individual needs of the child. This may include aspects of Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT), TEACCH, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), ESDM, CLM, VB-MAPP, and more.


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Treatment Plan Development

At The Center For Social Dynamics, we implement Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) plans that are designed to reduce your child’s inappropriate behaviors and increase equivalent functional behaviors. This helps your child learn to function independently while achieving his or her personal goals. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) develop treatment plans based on the data gathered through direct interaction, questionaires and observations across different environments. The objective is to address behaviors on the autism spectrum that are socially significant and that will have a profound impact on your child and on your family.


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Support Services

Center for Social Dynamics offers support services In-School, In-Home as well as support for the whole family. School support can be provided for any number of reasons and in any number of ways, including teacher training and support, behavioral support, on the job paraprofessional training, teaching recess skills, implementing token economies, etc. CSD consultants can work collaboratively with parents and school staff to develop the most appropriate type of support and level of support.


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Our Programs

Our programs include an Intensive Behavioral Clinic, Social Skills Groups, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Adult Transition Programs. The goals of the programs include maximizing each patient’s learning potential in different key areas in order to prepare her/him for independent living, using an evidence-based approach to treat the social-emotional affects of an ASD diagnosis, and analysis focusing on the principles that explain how learning takes place.


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