Support Services


School support can be provided for any number of reasons and in any number of ways, including teacher training and support, behavioral support, on the job paraprofessional training, teaching recess skills, implementing token economies, etc. CSD consultants can work collaboratively with parents and school staff to develop the most appropriate type of support and level of support.

CSD provides support in different ways, as is appropriate for the child and the setting

  • School consultation may be provided if appropriate. A CSD consultant can visit the classroom and offer written feedback about the child’s behavioral and social performance and/or suggestions to help the child succeed in the classroom. This can be conducted on an as-needed basis or on a regular basis. If appropriate, the consultant can conduct a functional behavior assessment and write a behavior support plan to be used in the classroom setting.

  • CSD can provide on-the-job training for the existing 1:1 or classroom aid support in the classroom.

  • CSD can provide functional tools and visuals for use in the classroom setting that may help teachers assist children effectively in the classroom.

  • Functional Behavior Assessment / Behavior Support Plans can be conducted and written if the child is experiencing behavior management problems in the classroom environment.

  • CSD can provide a 1:1 classroom shadow aide if necessary and appropriate for the situation. Our shadow aides are also behavioral therapists, so they are experienced and trained in ABA and are specifically instructed in strategies to help them effectively “work themselves out of a job.” For example, they are trained in how to direct the child’s attention to the teacher rather than either repeating the teacher’s instructions or pulling the child away to work with them.


The philosophy at Social Dynamics is that education and training works best when parents and families are directly involved with each child’s program.  Monthly on-site parent training will cover topics important to our families and may include but not limited to Introduction to ABA, managing problem behaviors, toilet training, communication training and more. In addition our therapists are always available to answer questions and provide suggestions so that families can continue to work on generalizing newly acquired skills and target functionally appropriate skills in the home setting.

Autism Awareness

Support for the Family

We offer parent and professional training workshops/seminars that can be tailored to professionals/clinicians, teachers, parents and family members as individual groups or combined.